Book Your Vehicle In For a Roadworthy Certificate Inspection. You can either book online via our Bookings Page or by calling us on 03 9873 3668.

Bring Your Vehicle in for the Inspection# along with your Drivers License and $125 Inspection Fee* (Cash Only)


If the Vehicle passes the Inspection, a Roadworthy Certificate is issued. If the Vehicle does not pass, See next step

If the vehicle fails the first inspection, we will provide a list of items that will need to be rectified to obtain the certificate. In addition to that, we will also provide a detailed quote to repair the vehicle to ensure it passes the 2nd Inspection.

Repair the Vehicle as required either by us or a Motor Mechanic of your choice within 7 Days

Make a Booking and Bring the Vehicle back for a complimentary Re-Inspection.

If the issues have been correctly rectified, a Roadworthy Certificate will be issued

*This fee is due up-front and covers up to 2 Inspections within 7 days. This fee is non-refundable after the Roadworthy Inspection has been completed. Price of $125 only applies to petrol/disel private vehicles. LPG vehicle inspections are priced at $165.
#While Vehicle inspections normally takes 60 Minutes, we recommend that you set aside 1 hour 30 mins for the Inspection and corresponding paper work to the completed